Meet The Instructors



Alex grew up in Glen Allen, Virginia and first moved to the Harrisonburg area in 2010 to attend James Madison University. Upon graduating in 2014 with a degree in history he decided to attend flight school. After completing flight school in 2015 he came back to Harrisonburg to be a flight instructor at Blue Ridge Aviation and has been here ever since. When Alex isn’t flying he enjoys spending time with his wife and their two cats, Maddie and Millie, and two dogs, Teddy and Callie.


Coming from an aviation family - with pilots in the Navy and private sector - Daniel’s interest in aviation took flight long before he earned his driver’s license. He has been flying with Blue
Ridge Aviation since 2010, where he started as a private pilot student. During his flight training, he received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management from James Madison University. Since his time at JMU, Daniel has avidly pursued his career in aviation earning his ratings and instructing private, instrument, and commercial students. Looking toward the future, Daniel ultimately plans to move into the airlines, but is very interested in becoming a bush pilot to have the opportunity to fly to remote places around the country.

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CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, Gold Seal Instructor 

In 2006 Cindy rode her bicycle 3700 miles in 42 days across the USA starting in San Francisco and arriving at the Pentagon.    

She is married to Tony and enjoys outdoor activities.  
She was the 2012 National Physical Education Teacher of the Year.    

She has over 3,000 hours total time, and over 2,400 hours of instructing and loves using her teaching experience to help students become the safest pilots in the industry. 



As a very young child I had always been intrigued by the magic of flight. At the age of 10 years old I went to a fly-in at the Winchester Regional Airport and went for my first plane ride. That flight helped me realize I wanted to become a pilot. I started his flight training at 15 years old, soloed at 16 and earned my private pilots license at 18 years old. At 30 years old I continued my flight training with Blue Ridge Aviation, and six months later I earned my instrument rating. Six months after that I earned my commercial pilots license, and then four months later I finally earned my Flight Instructor certificate. I served 9 years in the VA Air National Guard and I’m also a police officer. I have plans to continue to become a better pilot and eventually go to the airlines.

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Colton started training with Blue Ridge Aviation and completed all of his ratings within 14 months to become one of our newest CFIs.  Prior to his flight training he was a medic for 6 years with the116th infantry, Virginia National Guard.  He enjoys time on the lake and spending time with family. 

TK Rosolina brings Blue Ridge Aviation over 25 years of professional aviation experience. He is a Certified Flight Instructor and holds Commercial and ATP ratings for single and Multi-engine airplanes. He has experience with many aircraft from J-3 Cubs and Cessna 172’s to King Airs, DC-3’s and Boeing 737’s. He has worked as a professional manager and aviator around the country flying operations for aerial application, mosquito control, oil spill response, rabies control for the USDA and CDC, and wild land fire fighting. TK is detail oriented, safety conscious, and looks to bring continual improvement to the organization. His passion for flying and teaching are evident in his work everyday. He enjoys RC cars, trucks, and planes too along with a good cup of coffee (black please!) in the morning! TK is working toward adding more ratings to his certificate including glider, seaplane, and an additional type rating in a jet. Come learn to fly with TK and the team at Blue Ridge Aviation!