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About Us

*Grand Total: +/- $60,590

Here at Blue Ridge Aviation, our goal is to provide quality Flight Instruction at the cheapest price for our students. Flight Instruction is extremely cost intensive, and Blue Ridge Aviation has reduced the national average costs by more than half.

We are a Part 61 Flight School offering instruction for Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, and Flight Instructor certificates.

Whether you want to learn in order to take the family on vacations, have the ability to travel quicker and easier for business purposes, or if you aspire to fly for a major airline, we are the flight school that will meet your needs!

We also offer Initial and Recurrent training in the Beechcraft Baron, Piper Mirage, and Cessna 210! 

With thousands of hours and years of flying experience, our instructors create nothing but the safest pilots that are ready to deal with any situation!

Average Costs: Flight Training is extremely costly and Blue Ridge Aviation has reduced the national average costs by more than half. 

(*Cost will vary based on each student's individual needs)


Private Pilot:

Cessna 172: 65 Hours 

Flight Instruction: 55 Hours 

Ground Instruction: 30 Hours 

*Total: +/- $17,775



Cessna 172: 45 Hours 

Flight Instruction: 45 Hours

Ground/Sim Instruction: 80 Hours 

*Total: +/- $19,750



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CFI Initial:

Flight Prep & Ground Training: $4,500

*Total: +/- $4,550


Flight Prep & Ground Training: $2,500

 *Total: +/- $2,500


Cessna 172:  15 Hours

Cessna 172 (split) : 65 Hours

Complex/TAA: 10 Hours 

Flight Instruction: 15 Hours 

Ground Instruction: 20 Hours 

*Total: +/- $16,065

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